Meeting Schedule

9/8/2022Back to Club Night – 4 member images of Birds, Creatures, Flowers/Plants ONLY (Details provided in an upcoming email)
9/22/2022Competition: Ornithology and General Nature - Al Brown
9/29/2022“IBTW” Program: “Metering and focus systems “ - Nick Palmieri **ZOOM Presentation**
10/3/2022Presented by CMCC “How to prepare images for Competition” – Nick Palmieri **CMCC ZOOM Presentation**
10/13/2022Program: ” Abstracts in Nature” – Ellen Stein
10/20/2022CamNats hosts - “NJFCC Fall Nature competition” **ZOOM**
10/24/2022NJFCC Fall Pictorial competition **ZOOM**
10/27/2022Competition: Botany and Zoology – Jacki Dickert
11/3/2022Program: “Creative Processing for Nature Photography Using Topaz Tools” – Rad Drew **ZOOM Presentation
11/10/2022"Abstracts in Nature" - Ellen Stein **ZOOM Presentation**
11/17/2022Competition: Ornithology and General Nature - Richard Kent
12/1/2022Program: “Attitude, Inspiration, and Composition” – Richard Lewis **ZOOM Presentation**
12/15/2022Competition: Botany and Zoology – Padma Inguva **ZOOM**
1/5/2023Program: “Nature in Black and White with John Barclay” – John Barclay **ZOOM Presentation**
1/12/2023“IBTW” Program: “Member Photo Editing -post processing ” - Jack Moskowitz **ZOOM Presentation**
1/19/2023Competition: Ornithology and General Nature - Roman Kurywczak **ZOOM**
1/21/2023CamNats Holiday Party at the Vintage Tavern in Gillette
1/31/2023NJFCC Winter Nature Competition **ZOOM**
2/2/2023Program: “Planning A Wildlife Shoot” – Ray Hennessy **ZOOM Presentation**
2/16/2023NJFCC Winter Pictorial Competition **ZOOM**
2/23/2023Competition: (Assigned Subjects) Black and White and Creative Post Processing – Nick Palmieri
2/27/2023Special Program (Monday) “The Heart of the Photograph” - David duChemin**ZOOM Presentation**
3/9/2023Program: “Flash for Wildlife photography” – Phil Echo
3/16/2023Business Meeting followed by CamNats University (Ellen Stein)
3/23/2023Competition: Botany and Zoology – Judge: RICHARD LEWIS **ZOOM**
3/25/2023NJFCC presents Photorama @ Middlesex County College
3/30/2023Advanced editing using Luminosity Masking and the TK8 Plugin - Jack Moskowitz **Zoom Presentation**
4/6/2023Program: “Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography” – Colleen Miniuk **ZOOM Presentation**
4/10/2023NJFCC Spring Pictorial Competition **ZOOM**
4/11/2023NJFCC Spring Nature Competition **ZOOM**
4/20/2023Competition: Ornithology and General Nature - Phil Echo
5/4/2023Program: “Landscape Photography: Things That Lead the Eye”- Nick Palmieri **ZOOM Presentation**
5/18/2023Competition: Botany and Zoology – Judge Dave Mills
6/1/2023Program: “Daytime Long Exposures- seascapes, cloud movement and more“ – Padma Inguva **Zoom Presentation**
6/15/2023Competition: Macro and Water in Any Form – Judges Ellen Stein (marco) & Jacki Dickert (Water)
          Meetings start promptly at 7:30 pm, people start to arrive around 7 pm

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